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Heads up!
 kari_wuhrer_lj - (evilgrins)
04:51pm 06/04/2010
Doppleganger posting in Kari Wührer fandom
If you make or use mood themes you might wanna read this: Clicky!
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community status updates
 kari_wuhrer_lj - (evilgrins)
12:26pm 12/09/2009
Doppleganger posting in Kari Wührer fandom
7:09 PM 9/11/09 · Because I run both celebrity and pornstar communities I kind of mass lumped them all under "explicit adult content". This is a tad unfair to some because it means that unless your account indicates you're above the age of 18 it prevents you from joining the celebrity communities...

...and that's bad.

I'm leaving the pornstar communities as is but I'm changing the celebrity ones. While this may not be entirely fair, largely based on the fact I'm male, I might just change the female celeb ones to "adult content" and the male celebs to "no adult content". It may seem unfair but the fact of the matter is that practically no one but me posts to these communities, with a very few welcome exceptions, and to the female ones I particularly go looking for borderline naughty content.

It's how I'm wired.

So, this post is going to the following comms, both to inform all current members and give me a list to work off of as I make the updates: does more adult roles firstAnnaLynnMcCord, there are no stupid questionsChrist·n·Slater, eyes & smile FTWCote·de·Pablo, he's got a special kind of qualityJeffrey·Donovan, this community is illogicalJolene·Blalock, Yay MaggieKari·Wuhrer·LJ, once she was DawnMi·Trachtenberg, multi·passMilica·Jovovic, Here's JohnnyMrJackNicholson, an X-File never looked so goodMs·Krista·Allen, Blonde AmbitionNo1·PA, my favorite rookie copPaula·Garces, Bahamian Americans unitePersia·White, extreme Japanese boobageRioNatsume, Bret's bevy of babesRockofLoveGirls, Oops she did it againSpearingBritney, & tends to play the undeadVincent·Perez
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just 2 little things
 kari_wuhrer_lj - (evilgrins)
12:52pm 06/07/2009
Doppleganger posting in Kari Wührer fandom
1) This is going to just about all of my communities, except a very small number of them. I've invited people that make icons to any number of my communities but haven't always gotten as many icon posts as I'd like; often cuz other members discouraged such posts. So, from now on, those of you that make icons are encouraged to join and post your work at Lots and lots of IconsIconnage·Art...

...which isn't to say you can't keep posting what you do here, but I'd like you to post it there as well. Especially as it's specifically just an icon community I'd love for you to post there more than you do here and as often as possible.

This doesn't count icon posts or icon dumps of stuff you didn't make yourself, as some of my communities allow for.

2) Changing one of my standard rules: If you want to advertise any kind of community please do so at Livejournal OverdoseWe·Need·a·Life and not here. I used to allow advertising in any of my communities if it kept to the theme of that community but I'd like to cut down on that a bit...until it dwindles to nothing.
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mood: busybusy
music: The Closer
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 kari_wuhrer_lj - (evilgrins)
11:42pm 25/05/2009
Doppleganger posting in Kari Wührer fandom








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Kari Wuhrer - Poison
 kari_wuhrer_lj - (evilgrins)
10:59pm 31/08/2008
Doppleganger posting in Kari Wührer fandom
mood: determineddetermined
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Kari Wuhrer Wild in Car
 kari_wuhrer_lj - (evilgrins)
10:57pm 31/08/2008
Doppleganger posting in Kari Wührer fandom
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 kari_wuhrer_lj - (evilgrins)
01:54pm 11/04/2008
Doppleganger posting in Kari Wührer fandom
If you're reading this then you're either in one of my celebrity communities or one of my porn star communities. This is a kind of public notice to try to stir up some activity because I'd really like these communities to do well but I can't do it alone.

Most of you who joined these comms are full members and are not simply watching the comm, based on what status it says you're in on the community profiles. All full members can post to these communities and it stands to reason you joined because you like the particular star or stars (know there's a few of you in more than one) of the ones you're a member of.

By and large I only post to these on the weekend. I try to mete out some decent content then, usually images or videos. If I post to them at all during the week then it's more an opinion thing or something else fairly text based.

So far, with only one or two exceptions, I'm the only one contributing any content. Don't get me wrong, I'm a posting whore...but still a little audience participation would be nice.

So post stuff to these communities. Odds are if you een a little internet savvy and you like these people you can find some interesting stuff. Might even occur to you to post things I've never even thought to look for. I know one of you posted to the most recent one, gorgeous in glassesEva·Angelina, with a great post as you'd just met her.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with.
mood: hopefulhopeful
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she really does like that pose a lot
 kari_wuhrer_lj - (evilgrins)
01:21pm 13/03/2008
Doppleganger posting in Kari Wührer fandom
mood: flirtyflirty
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Agent Tanya In Action - Clips From The PC Game
 kari_wuhrer_lj - (evilgrins)
10:52am 17/02/2008
Doppleganger posting in Kari Wührer fandom
mood: dorkydorky
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Hot Sex Scene
 kari_wuhrer_lj - (evilgrins)
01:01am 17/02/2008
Doppleganger posting in Kari Wührer fandom

Kari Wuhrer - Hot Sex Scene - The most popular videos are here
mood: quixoticquixotic
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